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Prairie View is a non-profit regional behavioral and mental health system, offering a full continuum of mental health services in a variety of treatment settings. It is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Prairie View was founded by the Mennonite Church in 1954 for the purpose of improving conditions of psychiatric treatment. It maintains ties to its Mennonite heritage where emphasis is placed on a caring and respectful environment that encourages personal freedom and responsibility.  The Prairie View main campus is located 20 miles north of Wichita, in Newton, and contains a 14-bed psychiatric hospital for adults, a partial hospital program,  and a 14-bed adolescent residential program, as well as outpatient and community-based services for all ages. There are two outlying community mental health center offices further north, in McPherson and Hillsboro, and one outpatient  office in Wichita. The intern will be located in the Wichita office for their primary site with options to spend time on the Newton campus, depending on areas of interest.  

COVID-19 Update: 

Prairie View complies with all state and local requirements regarding COVID-19.  Currently COVID-19 vaccines are not mandated, though this may change depending on future CMS and OSHA rulings.  The annual flu vaccine is required by Prairie View as a condition of employment. Exemption requests for flu are considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

Prairie View's Wichita Outpatient Office

Intern Opportunities

Interns receive a wide variety of experiences designed to prepare them to be generalist practitioners in a world of managed care and fee-for-service practice. Interns also have the opportunity to observe the organizational and program challenges that characterize the complex, changing world of behavioral healthcare. Intern training focuses on adult outpatient treatment and assessment services, with DBT being an integral part of the experience.  Supplemental opportunities may include work with older adults, caregiver family consultation, work with children and adolescents, and couples and family therapy. Opportunities to work within inpatient, residential, and school settings can be arranged but will be limited.  Interns will also be exposed to a variety of approaches in assessment, treatment planning, and intervention. Depending upon focus areas, the intern will likely spend some part of the week at a different training site that is only accessible by car.


Over the course of the year, the intern obtains assessment, consultation, and individual and group therapy experience.  The intern is expected to actively participate in the Dialectical Behavior Therapy program and will gain experience in group skills facilitation, individual treatment, in-between sessions coaching (during business hours), as well as ongoing training and consultation in a team setting. The intern is encouraged to develop group treatment opportunities and learn about the process of creating, marketing, and running an outpatient group, outside of DBT. The intern is also encouraged to participate in Prairie View’s diversity taskforce and may opt to complete a small program evaluation to assess effective practices. Prairie View also accommodates local practicum students from Wichita State University’s Clinical Psychology program to gain experience and hours for internship; opportunities for the intern to provide supervision to these higher-level students are available. Flexibility is emphasized, and the intern is encouraged to be active participants in identifying desired experiences and designing their learning environments to meet those goals.  It is not expected that interns have expertise in DBT, only an interest in learning.

Our Intern office for therapy appointments

One of our testing rooms

Our small group room

Our large group room/conference/event room

Internship Stipend and Benefits

The Prairie View, Inc. stipend is $24,000 for the 12-month, 2000-hour internship, with individual health insurance, vacation, and professional leave time provided. WCPIP provides professional liability insurance. Please note that Prairie View requires that all interns pass a background check before their contracts will be finalized. There is one internship position available for the 2023-2024 year. The interns are based primarily in the Wichita office.

Keith Buhr, Ph.D.

Indiana State University, 2009

Outpatient Therapist & Assessor

Licensed Psychologist-KS

Primary Interests:

Lily Lai, Psy.D.

Spalding University, 2018

Outpatient Therapist-Child

Licensed Masters Level Psychologist-KS

Primary Interests:

Marta Pena, MA, Doctoral Candidate

Wichita State University, expected 2023

Post-doctoral Fellow, Outpatient CCBHC

Licensed Master's Level Psychologist-KS

Primary Interests:

Mandi Turner, Psy.D.

University of Denver, 2018 

Internship Program Coordinator

Licensed Psychologist-KS

Primary Interests: 

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